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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  November 14, 2012 4:30am-5:00am PST

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4:30 a.m. on this wednesday morning. thank you for joining us. i'm eric thomas. and i'm kristen sze. glad you are back. definitely milder this morning, good morning. here's a look at our live doppler and the clouds, no radar returns, dry today even though we'll have high clouds and sunshine. warmest temperatures everywhere will get into the low to mid 70s today from 66 to 72 at the coast, 66 to 73 around the bay. mostly sunny inland 68 to 72. hope you enjoy it is not going to last much longer. just roadwork northbound golden gate bridge, southbound over the waldo light. problem eastbound 24 at wilder this was a car on fire now on
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the right hand shoulder. fire crews are on scene eastbound as you come out of caldecott tunnel at wilder. roadwork eastbound 4 loveridge until 5:30. saw that fire heading in this morning. we begin in san francisco's city hall crews are trying get the building cleaned up and ready for business after a fire broke out in the basement. terry mcsweeney is live at city hall with the story. were there evacuations? >> reporter: there were last night. they had it all explosion, fire, evacuations inch of water in the basement. right now you wouldn't know anything happened if it weren't for those two pg&e trucks. right now take a look at the scene last night 9:30 firefighters were called out after an electrical explosion in the basement that started a
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fire that triggered the sprinkler system which led to an inch of water in the basement there was a party going on people attending and the caterers were escorted out. >> the alarms went off, lights started flickering, sheriffs asked people to exit. >> reporter: did you smell smoke? >> i never did, not until we got out of the building. >> reporter: but there was smoke in parts of city hall, no injuries. pg&e crews had to be careful there's a number of electrical lines going into city hall they wanted to turn off power to the right one. the wrong one might have turned off power to portions of san francisco. that seemed to have gone smoothly. pg&e tells me their work is done, repairs are going to be needed. that will be taken up by city hall. it is going to be business as usual out here.
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as i look at city hall now i can see the lights are on. again, they are expecting business as usual. terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. crews will be back out this morning in daly city to shore up the hillside where a reservoir water pipe ruptured 24 hours ago. with rain expected this weekend, crews will be covering the hillside with hay and sandbags to absorb moisture and prevent any more mud from sliding down. they worked all day yesterday cleaning up the mess. amy hollyfield will have a live update from the scene in the next half hour. in santa clara county, all lanes open after a big rig spilled its load on highway 101 southbound in san martin at the east san martin exit. the big rig filled with dirt
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overturned and dumped a led across several lanes around midnight. crews worked hours to get it cleaned up. police hope you might recognize suspected kidnapper caught on camera when he shed his mask for a moment during the crime. detectives provided these images. we reported this story. they say this man is one who abducted a woman who works for pg&e last week. the woman says the men tied her up, blindfolded her and drove her to two atm's to withdraw money from her account. >> we've had security available to our employee to provide escorts to their vehicles. when a big stand down to let them know what happened and what they need to do to keep themselves safe. >> kidnappers drove their 57-year-old victim around for several hours and left her near the caldecott tunnel.
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this morning the man accused of kidnapping and murdering morgan hill teenager sierra lamar is facing new charges in unrelated cases. antolin garcia-torres will be charged with three counts of attempted kidnapping during a carjacking in march of 2009 when he was 17. the district attorney's office received clearance from juvenile court last week to file these new charges. the -- police are engaged in a full scale search for mcafee technically, a person of interest in the murder of his belize neighbor. based on his behavior and history of fighting with the victim, officials have questions. mcafee who has been communicating with two tech magazines while on the run. he does own another property near mexico two have been
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brought in for questioning. top brass from america's intelligence agencies will be on the hot spot this morning over the extramarital affair that led to the down fall of david petraeus. katie marzullo is live in the newsroom with the latest. >> reporter: we could hear from president obama this morning, his take on the scandal involving general david petraeus and john allen. the president is holding his first news conference since the election the white house has said the president now stands by allen. we are also seeing the woman at the center of it for the first time since news of her fair with petraeus broke, paula broadwell had a glass of wine at her brother's house. this morning the fbi and cia are expected to brief members of house on what they know. the question many lawmakers have is whether national security was threatened? a source familiar with the
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case tells abc news that broadwell admitted she took documents from secure government buildings fbi found classified documents on her computer. the other woman jill kelley called 911 last night. she told the operator the media was on her property and tried to use her honorary counsul title to get special treatment. >> i -- they should not be able to cross my property i don't know if you want to get diplomatic protection as well. [ unintelligible ] >> reporter: [ unintelligible ] some officials describe her 20 to 30,000 e-mails with general allen as flirtatious others calling them innocuous. the general denies any affair or other wrongdoing. the president has pulled
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allen's nomination as nato supreme commander on hold. katie marzullo, abc7 news. president obama's first news conference since the election is scheduled for this morning 10:30 our time. we will be carrying it live here. another news conference, decision day for nancy pelosi, the longtime san francisco democrat will announce at 7:00 this morning our time whether she will continue as house minority leader. some believe it will be easier for president obama to negotiate republicans if the 72-year-old congresswoman is out of the picture. she has been the democratic leader in the house for 10 years including her term as speaker. guess what? >> what? >> i know we could use rain and this is the season. i want to look at today. >> okay, let's look at the today and tomorrow. >> okay and probably the third or fourth day too.
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good morning. check out the clouds that are showing up on live doppler 7 hd i want to focus in on santa rosa where we have fog forming 1 1/2 mile visibility there, that's about as bad as it is going to get everybody else okay except for high clouds. temperatures in the 40s inland in the blue, the green bay shore, a lot of 50s. half moon bay 59° right now. a little easterly breeze that's why you are warmer. storm system developing in the lower left of the screen that is going to hurl high clouds at us today like we had yesterday, also going to bring warmer temperatures. 40s and 50s to start 7:00, low to mid 60s noon, near 70 everywhere 4:00 upper 50s to near 60 by 7:00 with high
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clouds still in the forecast. thursday, friday, saturday, thursday evening showers begin, better chance friday, rain likely saturday, good soaking sunday and monday, unsettled after today if you have anything you need to get done outside you have today and the better part of tomorrow. our first live look at the bay bridge toll, it is light, no problems, no metering lights smooth sailing on the upper diagnostic into san francisco. same with the san mateo bridge tail lights towards the highrise towards foster city from the toll in the westbound direction moving at the limit both directions. one problem spot eastbound 24 at wilder earlier car fire has crews out there on the right hand side visible from westbound you may find temporary slowing past that scene. otherwise just roadwork south
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101 wall toe grade down to two left lanes and two right lanes blocked until 6:00 this morning southbound. 4:41. governor brown will meet with uc regents today the effect it may have on tuition and fees. when is one opinion not enough when your injured quarterback eager to get back on the field. >> first this morning's tech bites. >> governments are googling us the search giant reports big increase in requests for data about its users u.s. made the most requests. barnes & noble has joined battle of 7 inch tablets with its nook hd doesn't have as many apps, but where it shines is display. >> this is a remarkably good screen i watched videos,
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movies on it, now nook video allows people to rent or buy movies and tv shows. >> the nook hd starts at $200. black ops 2 said 13 years from now you disgust me. prove it. enough is enough. d-con baits are specially formulated to kill in one feeding. guaranteed. d-con. get out.
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brings light and fragrance together, to create a mesmerizing experience in your home.
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try the new color changing candle. something in the air wick. welcome back. ferry building blue today, did you know it is world diana day -- world diabetes day? that's why our iconic ferry build something lit in blue, to reflect the official color of world diabetes day. >> thanks for sharing that mike. former republican vice presidential candidate
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paul ryan says he was shocked how the presidential election played out. ryan talked about it in an abc interview he says the president won fair and square though he doesn't see it as a mandate by the people supporting mr. obama >> polling the data and the smart people who watch this stuff, they had a pretty optimistic view on the night. going into that boston that day we felt we had a good chance as winning it was a shock when we didn't. >> ryan said he does not support raising taxes under any circumstance something that is now being discussed. he says the good thing about losing, spending time with his family last week. governor brown plans to appear at a uc regents meeting in san francisco to urge officials to control cost and avoid another fee hike. regents shelfed a series of proposed hikes for now scheduled to vote on them today.
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the governor visited the board of trustees meeting yesterday that panel decided to postpone a fee increase. brown says both systems must keep a lid on coasts a week after voters an -- on costs a week after voters approved prop 30. supermarket workers return to their jobs after a 10 day strike against raley's. members struck a tentative deal with raley's and nob hill yesterday. a spokesman called it a resounding victory for supermarket workers. the chain says the contract provided it with the savings it needed to stay competitive. abc 7 co-sponsoring a job fair in san francisco at the hotel wickham on market street from noon to 4:00. we have details on under see it on tv. eric put on your bib!
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>> i'm wearing it now. commercial crab season begins. we'll tell what you can expect to pay. another step towards new arena for warriors. preview of mayor lee's before cold & flu season, help prevent
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with lysol disinfectant spray. and use the lysol no touch hand soap for 10 times more protection with each wash. this season, a good offense is the best defense. lysol. mission for health.
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let's look at radar in case you are traveling quiet other than light showers near crescent city and eureka those will taper through the morning. 60 eureka, tahoe 53 mostly sunny, 64 yosemite, high clouds and sun around big sur and 73. southern california nice 71 in san diego, near 80 in l.a. and palm springs. 4:50 ndamukong suh r commuters taking the city -- in -- beginning next february
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councilmembers agree to raise price from $1.25 $150. the frequency of routes will drop from once in 30 minutes to once an hour sales tax revenue for the transit department has been dropping and there were few options left to help bridge a million dollar gap. warriors will sign a deal with mayor lee today to follow san francisco's local hire law if and when they build new arena. the billion dollar project which was unveiled in may, will still have to be approved but would it bring new arena and entertainment complex to piers 30 and 32 the law only applies to city funded construction projects the team has agreed to follow the spirit of the law the warriors would higher o'-- hire san francisco residents. quarterback smith is reportedly seeking a second opinion. smith suffered a concussion
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sunday. he met with an independent neurologist monday according to pro football talk got come he has decided to seek further medical advice he must be medically cleared before playing monday night. crab season gets underway today. you should get ready to spend more for this year's dungeness delicacy. john alston explains from fisherman's wharf in san francisco. >> reporter: the crab pots were on pier 45 in a few hours they will be on the bottom of the pacific off the golden gate. james smith hopes his annual six figure investment will payoff.cñgñ so far smooth sailing after hearing he will get $3 a pound. >> yeah, three bucks, good, proppably the first time i remember we got our -- probably the first time i remember we got our asking
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price. >> reporter: last year they missed the popular thanksgiving holiday this year's higher rate means consumers will pay $7 to $7.50 pound. >> i'm sure i wouldn't pay more than $7 a pound. i mean, i don't know, unless it had to be something really special. >> yeah, that's good price. we got some of the best crab here. >> reporter: one factor in the higher price is fewer crabs. >> we are expecting to see less crab than last year. crab tend to be cyclical in production it is not unexpected we would be seeing less and less. >> reporter: the big ship with thousands of pots was heading out this is the last season before limits go into effect. >> of course it is good we are going to get all the thanksgiving business which we haven't had in two or three lions -- in two or three
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years. >> fishing is fishing no guarantee. >> reporter: in san francisco john alston, abc7 news. mm, m! >> before with you turn our attention to thanksgiving and fall one taste of summerish weather. >> above average today, here's a look outside good morning from sutro tower to the east bay hills, doppler spending waiting for that next storm that is going to come from the west starting tomorrow night. you have today and tomorrow to get out there and get whatever outdoor activities you need done or finished. as far as our temperatures, they are milder this morning. we are in the 40s and 50s almost 60 now at half moon bay. let's check out the monterey bay and the scene high clouds mid to upper 40s, inland 45
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gilroy, 55 salinas. today we are looking at day full of high clouds, sunshine and warmest afternoonig%]ç temperatures we are going to have in the next seven days. more clouds tonight, mild the next couple of nights starting thursday night, a wet pattern will hang around through at least monday night. significant rain, temperatures today, cool spot, san rafael 66 along with vallejo, everybody else low 70s, two to eight degrees above average low to mid 70s monterey bay and mid 70s inland. tonight temperatures run in the mid 40s to near 50 inland upper 40s to mid 50s around the bay and to the coast another mild night. high pressure keeping storm track north on the left that's
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that area of low pressure that is going to organize offshore, shoot us with high clouds today as we head towards thursday night into friday, will bring us a chance of rain the second system from alaska, colder for the weekend, heavier rain maybe even thunderstorms. couple of inches around the bay area we are getting to have a great start that means more snow in the sierra with this storm also. here's a look at your seven day forecast, tomorrow mild not as warm as today, thicker clouds dip the sunshine showers roll in thursday night hang around through friday another chance of rain saturday cooler showers sunday into monday. have a great day. i heard four ski resorts planned on opening over thanksgiving, neat. closer to home light traffic at the bay bridge toll, reports of a stall westbound right lane at the s-curve,
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hopefully crews will get that cleared out fast. macarthur maze everything flowing nicely from 580 and 880 and 80 into the bay bridge toll no problems. earlier car fire eastbound 24 at wilder has been put out and cleared, no issues. roadwork north 101 hills detail three right lanes until -- hills dale three right lanes, ramps in south bay, 880 off and northbound on-ramps to alameda closed due to emergency pump work that should last most of the day today. "star wars" birthday party seems special this may take the cake. l=fe for his birthday. he thought his cousin was in that suit, but look, daddy! when the mask came off what a
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pleasant surprise his father a u.s. navy reservist home months before he was due back. they rushed to hug their father, never before has luke been so happy to find out that darth vader is his dad. >> that's right. straight ahead, latest on cleanup efforts following yesterday's water pipe rupture that flooded a neighborhood with mud and water. an arrest at a movie theater that richmond police say is a first for them.
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